PayPal Reference

Parent Donations

Parents can make donations to the Eagle Harbor High School PTSO using PayPal, or by check if they prefer. On the PayPal site, they can either sign in with a PayPal account if they have one, or provide a credit or debit card for payment. They can also purchase EHHS car magnets and directories using PayPal.

The donation button located in the right-hand side of every page on the EHHS website and on the Fundraising page can be used by parents to make a one time or recurring donation of any amount they choose. The Donation/Purchase page can be used to purchase school car magnets and directories and make the suggested $75 donation in one transaction. After clicking the donation button or the checkout with PayPal button you are redirected from the EHHS PTSO website over to the PayPal website. After going thru the donation or purchase process, you are redirected back over to the EHHS PTSO website.

PayPal Signin

Our PayPal login ID is The password for our PayPal account and our gmail account are the same and are known by the PTSO president and treasurer. To view balances and transactions, just sign in to the PayPal website with The default Summary page displays our PayPal account balance and a list of recent transactions. You can click on the Activity link in the header to get a full list of transactions.


Transactions that start with ‘Donation from … ‘ are just donations, not purchases. The transactions that start with ‘Payment from … ‘ are going to include purchases of EHHS car magnets, directories, and also annual donations. The Payment type transactions should be used to track who has ordered magnets and directories.

Why two ways to donate? The PayPal cart mechanism doesn’t allow you to specify your own amount, as a purchaser, for an item. So, in order to give parents a way to order stuff and make an annual donation in one transaction, but also allow people to make a donation of an amount different than the suggested $75, we needed to setup both payment and donation options. On the PayPal side, anything done via the shopping cart is categorized as a payment, and anything done without a cart and via the donation button is, of course, a donation. The school registration fundraising PayPal cart flow starts here. The donations link is on the main fundraising page, and also in a donations module on the right hand side of every page on the site.

Note, should the occasion arise, we can issue a refund via PayPal for any payment or donation. That option is available in the transaction list.


To transfer funds from our PayPal account to our Kitsap Bank account click on the Money link in the header navigation on the PayPal site, then click on the Withdraw money button, then the Transfer money to your bank account link, and then specify the dollar amount you’d like to transfer.