Website Background

Why WordPress?  The content management system (CMS) chosen for development and maintenance of the EHHS PTSO website is called WordPress.  WordPress is a widely used website content management system.  There are many other worthy options available, including Joomla, Drupal and others.  When the EHHS PTSO was first developed in late 2012, there were several existing Bainbridge Island schools that were using WordPress for their PTO websites (Sakai, Blakely, Ordway and  Wilkes).  Wordpress was chosen for the EHHS site so we could benefit from other BI schools knowledge of this tool, and also contribute to that knowledge base. Contributors to the EHHS PTSO website do not need to install any client-side software on their machine.  The WordPress CMS application is a web-based application.  As long as you have internet access and a browser, you are good to go!  For additional information, go to the WordPress website.

Why DreamHost?   DreamHost is the website hosting service used  for the EHHS PTSO website. Similar to the CMS application, DreamHost was chosen because that was the choice of other Bainbridge Island schools.  DreamHost is compatible with WordPress, and most importantly offers free hosting to non-profit organizations.  The EHHS PTSO merely has to pay for the annual website domain registration (which is $9.95 @ year, as of 2013).  For additional information, go to the DreamHost website.

WordPress Theme – WordPress allows the website builder to chose from a large collection of themes to determine the overall look and feel of their website. The theme that we are using is called Canvas, and was developed by a group called WooThemes.  It was the theme in use by several other BI PTO websites, and supports access via a mobile device.  The license that the other BI schools had was sufficient to cover our use of it.

If you are interested in tips on how to update this website, please visit the Website How to Guide on the EHHS PTSO website.